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Frequently Asked Questions



Let Us Answer Your Questions

Our goal is to make the transition to BancorpSouth Bank as smooth as possible and keep you informed along the way.

Please continue banking with FNB Bank as you have in the past. Within the next few weeks, you will receive communications with all relevant information regarding your accounts.

Q: Why is this merger occurring?

A: FNB Bank joining the BancorpSouth family will allow us to serve more customers both effectively and conveniently throughout the state and region.

Q: When is the expected merger of FNB Bank and BancorpSouth?

A: On May 1, 2021, FNB Bank will become BancorpSouth, but you won’t see any immediate changes. Rebranding, including new signage, will be completed over the next few months. The integration of banking services and systems will take place on Friday, June 18, 2021.

Q: How and when will information be communicated to me?

A: BancorpSouth is committed to making sure that FNB Bank customers are kept fully informed of all changes taking place during system integration. You will receive several communications by mail over the next couple of months.

Q: Whom do I contact if I need assistance with my banking?

A: Please continue to contact your FNB Bank team, and they will assist you with any of your financial questions or needs. Once the transition is complete, you also will be able to use any BancorpSouth location to conduct your banking needs.

Q: When can I start using BancorpSouth locations?

A: Once the transition is complete, you will be able to use any BancorpSouth location to conduct your banking needs. For now, please continue to use your FNB Bank branch location.

Q: Will there be changes to my account? When?

A: You may experience changes to your account during the system integration. If changes are needed, your account will transition to a BancorpSouth account that has similar features to what you have now. You will receive communication by mail detailing any changes to your account.

Q: Will my account number change? When?

A: Our goal is to transfer as many accounts to BancorpSouth as possible without changing account numbers. However, there may be a need for some account numbers to change. If changes are needed, you will receive the details of this change by mail.

Q: What if I have an account at both FNB Bank and BancorpSouth?

A: Your account with FNB Bank will update automatically to a BancorpSouth account that has features that are similar to what you have now, while your current BancorpSouth accounts will remain as they are today. Those accounts will be separately FDIC insured for at least six months after the merger is complete. However, if the combined balance of your accounts is greater than $250,000, your accounts will not be insured for the overage after the initial six-month period. Certificates of Deposit are FDIC insured until maturity.

Q: Will I need new checks or deposit slips?

A: At this time, you should continue using your current checks and deposit slips from FNB Bank.

If there is no change to your account number, you may continue using your existing checks until further notice. Soon after the conversion, you will need to order BancorpSouth checks.

If you receive notice that your account number will change, you will receive complimentary new checks with your new BancorpSouth account number.

Q: Will I receive a new debit card?

A: Yes. For now, please continue using your FNB Bank debit card. You will receive a communication(s) in the mail regarding your new BancorpSouth debit card and when to discard your FNB Bank debit card.

Q: When can I use a BancorpSouth ATM and not be charged a fee?

A: FNB Bank customers may begin using BancorpSouth ATMs beginning in May. You will have access to more than 240 ATM locations across the eight states where BancorpSouth operates.

Q: Will my FNB Bank location change?

A: Not at this time. For a complete listing of ATMs, branch locations, hours and phone numbers, please visit

Q: Does BancorpSouth offer online banking, and will I have to re-register or enroll to have access to BancorpSouth online banking?

A: Yes. BancorpSouth offers online banking with features like bill pay and remote check deposit. During the transition weekend, BancorpSouth will transition current FNB Bank online banking customers to the BancorpSouth system. Before the transition takes place, you will receive communication by mail including specific details and an effective date. No action is needed from you now. Continue to use FNB Bank online banking as you usually do.

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